Isaac and Allison – WTF?

As an avid fan of Teen Wolf from day one, let me say that I am firmly in the Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed) Scallison shippers’ corner. However, I will try to form an unbiased view of why I believe this new “forbidden romance” of Allison and Isaac seems stupid. Their (Scallison) relationship from S01 Ep01 till virtually midway through season 3 had me riding the highs and lows along with them. It was tender, sweet and fierce at times. As fans would know, their relationship came to a crashing end at the end of season 2 when Allison breaks up with Scott. At that point, the writers had given us her dark turn, her mother had just committed suicide to avoid the cursed bite from Derek and her evil grand father had escaped justice. Basically, she had to sort a lot of shit out. Let me say I have no problem with the characters breaking up. It’s always good for lovers to part, find other people, explore other avenues only for fate – or the producers – to bring them back together for the series finale. Why then do I have such a problem with the new boy toy Isaac (Daniel Sharman)?

Although the character of Isaac appeared in the second episode of season 2, bitten by Derek and has had a regular slot ever since, the true strength of the character and the writing lies in his tormented back story and now in this new season, his loyalty to his new Alpha; Scott is paramount to him. So he has something to add to the story. The character is fine.

Scott too, is having a new ‘toes in the water’ romance with Kira, Beacon Hill’s resident Pikachu (or Kitsune). This feels as a new relationship after an intense love and shattering break up should. Slow and delicate. The feelings are there, fleeting glances, hand holding, tenderness. Yet one of the strengths of this comes between a brief conversation between Scott and his mother. She says, “You fall in love more than once.” Scott still loves Allison and always will. She was his anchor; what he needed to remember his humanity. He recognizes this and struggles with his feelings of loss. But he needs to get over her and find a new anchor. Himself. Not Kira. Had that happened, my next blog would be about that. Scott as a person has evolved. This is what Allison and Isaac haven’t done. She has just replaced one werewolf with another and good ol’ Isaac gets some nookie.

It feels rushed. There is literally no chemistry between them and yet the writers are pushing them hard. Why? Is it just because the actors that play them dated for a few months? Had they been pushed together this season, slowly, that would’ve added to the dynamic of the story. Guilt, fear and lust are a potent mix for story telling. Yet somehow I just cant get past the fact that they’re just…there. I’m hoping that as the last few eps of the new season (a cracking one btw) will give me reason not to wish one or both of them cheat and this ends in bloodshed and tears.

Don’t agree? Think ‘Allisaac’ has a place in forever after? Or do you join me in harvesting some wolfsbane for these ahem…lovers? Leave me a comment! All are welcome.

Till next time peeps, take care


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