Feminism = Equality?

The topic of feminism for mine has never been a sticking point until recent times. Say the last two or so years, and even now I tread cautiously. Cautiously because as a man, I feel I have every right to speak about something where men seem to be the main if not only target. On the other hand, I find it difficult to have an opinion on a subject that baffles me so much.

The subject of equality comes into play, in a big way. But again I must point out where I see a flaw here. In an article I have recently read, it states there is a push in some schools to integrate feminism into the school curriculum and to include more women authors. But I must ask, isn’t forcing an author into focus based on their gender what feminism is fighting against? If the name of the day is equality (and the particular body of work is equal to the subject being taught), how is removing an author purely because they happen to be male and replacing them with another just because they happen to be female, helping equality?

Another point in the article that peaked my attention was the fact that awareness of crude humour regarding rape, sexism and also the objectifying of women (such as the topless models in the Robin Thicke video Blurred Lines) should be addressed. While I agree that awareness should be raised I have to bring the subject of equality up again. How many people do you know that have made a prison joke about a man on man? I know plenty. Say the same thing about a man and woman, suddenly it’s a problem? The intent is the same, for humour, yet when genders change so do perspectives. Equality?

I personally don’t like Robin Thicke so haven’t paid much attention to the controversy to the pointless boobs on show. I did however enjoy a recent film, Thor: The Dark World, In it we see a shirtless Chris Hemsworth for a good forty five seconds in a scene that adds nothing to the movie. No dialogue, no moving of the story. Just Chris washing himself as the camera idles over his muscled figure and glistening abs. Was Chris being objectified? Absolutely. And no one cared. Men and mostly women everywhere knew the scene was eye candy and nothing else. It was an M15+ movie. For the same thing to happen with a female actor/actress the rating would be MA15+ because of nudity. Equality?

Why can a man be seen with no shirt and be looked at by anyone virtually anywhere and women who would dare do the same are seen as objects by feminists?

In conclusion let me say that EVERYONE has the right to fight for what they believe in. Not just because you are a man, woman, misogynist or feminist but because you are a human being. We all view the world how we view it. There are cracks and shadows everywhere if that’s what you want to look for. There is also bright colours and wondrous mysteries if you choose to look for them too.

Teaching Feminism to young minds is not a problem. Teaching young minds to search for problems and trouble instead of opportunities, is. A big one


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