How Far Would You Go?

I’ve seen a few blog posts/opinions about this particular subject, so I thought I’d throw my two cents worth in. As an Indie author, I’m proud to say that today it is far easier to embrace ones dream of writing a novel.

In the last ten or so years the Indie Community has come on in leaps and bounds, providing the millions upon millions of readers in the world with at least an alternative set of stories and ideas than what they are used to with traditional authors. We are not bound by any publishers rules, we are free to write what we want for the most part. No one tells us what we should put down and this is both a great thing and a crippling thing. The readers we want to reach do not know what they will get with us. Again, this carries pros and cons.

Recently though it has come to my attention of something that truly infuriates me. The one thing we have strived for so long in those ten years is respect. That we deserve a place among the readers as viable options. That we are who we are. What you see is what you get. Sure, there are pen names used, that’s expected and understood. But where things start to get ugly, and downright dirty is the act of lying to readers. Deliberately hiding behind social media, tricking gullible readers that an author is something they aren’t. This includes using pictures of models as your author profile picture, giving the readers an idea that this is an accurate representation of you. If you are a balding, middle aged man yet have an image of a sculpted male sufer with rippling abs, you might as well be a woman and pretend you’re a man or a set of brothers. The end result is the same.

You are mocking the indie community. And its readers. You clearly have no faith in your writing ability, so leave it to cheap tactics to draw attention to yourself. The questions will come, like ‘when will you go live’, ‘when will we get some pictures’, ‘when will you do a signing’. These are all things Indie authors do because we want to be taken seriously. We put everything we have into what we do, all we ask is that the readers give us a chance. If you don’t like what we write, at least you gave it a shot.

If the only reason you picked up our books is because you believed our profile pic (the  one with the G-string and big titties) we all better hope the writing is worth the money paid. History tells us that anyone promoting themselves with a particular aspect like, keeping up the mystery of what they look like by deflection, having to have fake accounts be made to support them are not interested in writing or entertaining. They want attention and money. They are what is wrong with the Indie Community and they need to be weeded out.

From one reader to another, I beg of you. If the author/s you’re interested in are deflecting your questions, they are not selling you a story. They are selling you a lie. They do not care about you, whether you follow them or not. They want your compliments, and will laugh at you when they are not online that you are buying into their bullshit with your hard earned. You could be a running joke that only their friends are in on. Please choose your authors carefully. We are out there, and would love to meet you. Go live and say hello. Take selfies with you. Simply say thanks in person if we can. You mean the world to us. Please, find us. If you simply ask a question and get a flippy answer, you have the right to think there is something shifty. If so, turn your back. We are trying our best to find them all and expose them, because they hurt every one of us.


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