Please Respect Your PA

Recently, there have been a few well written articles and posts about PAs and the DOs and DON’Ts of their job. Some of them the greatest PAs this industry will ever see. I loved them. 
But I wanted to make my own after hearing, and in some cases, seeing, some shocking behavior from authors. 
So here we go. 
1) PAs are NOT your slaves. 
Sometimes I truly think an author forgets that their PA is a person. They have lives. Friends, family, special events. Yes it is understood they make you a priority, however, as wonderful as your readers tell you that you are, your PA deserves time off. 
2) They are doing this, for YOU. For FREE
9/10 PAs are not paid in the Indie Community. They accept swag or signed books as a thank you. The reason they help an author, is generally because they like you, your work and they believe in you. The fact that in this or any industry there are people like that is mind boggling. They give up their free time that could be spent with family, just to help you. Search for review opportunities, organise your street team, make promos for you and more. 
The fact I even have to make this point infuriates me. I have heard and seen absolutely sickening cases of online abuse because an author didn’t like something the PA did. It wasnt done to their standard or whatever. Authors can be some of the biggest keyboard warriors in the world. People are going to make mistakes. It happens. People will have differing opinions. 
Must it turn into an author bitch fit? That teaser the PA made isn’t exactly the font you envisioned. Your PA said that they would cover a takeover for you and ran late. What if their child was sick? Their loved one in an accident? 
Let me say this. If the mistakes keep happening, it’s good to assume that the partnership isn’t working and best to go your seperate ways. The PA obviously isn’t good at their role, or just doesn’t do the best they can. As an author lucky enough to have a PA, you should absolutely have the expectation of professionalism where possible. Helping you is their job, yes. A great working relationship is built on trust, communication and the understanding that you are ONE of their priorities. But only in the book world. 
4) Let them do their job
In short, LISTEN to them. They do not have all the answers. No one does. And ultimately all choices should be ticked off by you. But what’s the point of having a PA if you demand them to be a robot? Every day. Same thing. Do this. Do that. INTERACT! Ask questions, advice. Is this a good idea? Can we try this? Work it out together. Trial and error. Take risks. 

To my PA Lisa, I say again, a heartfelt thank you. To all the other authors that truly appreciated theirs, keep that shit up. Help each other to get better and learn. 
To those authors out there who walk around with your heads up your asses, thinking that just because a few fans (maybe many) think your scratchings are praise worthy doesn’t give you the right to treat someone like garbage. You are someone that writes things. Nothing more nothing less. 
Grow up or fuck off