Indie Community, ENOUGH!

Well well, it’s been about 7 seconds since the last outrage in the IC. This is getting old. Very fast.

What amazes me about the IC is despite its ability to bring out some truly, wonderfully selfless and kind people, it always manages to turn in on itself like a pack of hyenas. One person makes a negative, almost abusive comment about an author, a book, a PA or whatever and it’s a free for all. Truth, decency, common sense, professionalism all out the door as the mob scramble over each other to attack the next target.

In this past week ALONE, a book was pulled off Amazon for featuring the topic of rape. The notion it was romanticized, which outraged enough people (based on a FB post) to have that book become boycotted by the IC. Here’s the thing. Before it got boycotted, it became a best seller. The mob went after it with 1 star reviews but BOUGHT it so they could leave their venom (warranted or not, I don’t know. I’ve never read the book).

There have been accusations of shady dealings from authors, PAs and people are yet again, only too ready to grab their torches just waiting for the green light to rampage. As per the title, ENOUGH.

We as Indies have taken great strides over the last few years to be considered a worthy, viable alternative to mainstream publishing. We have done so well. And this shit drags us ALL back to the dark ages. Why we still struggle to compete with the big guys. We are seen as amatuer before people even open our work up.

IC…authors, bloggers, PAs, pimpers, street teams, ALL of you. Please listen. STOP THIS SHIT NOW while we still can. You are absolutely entitled to have your say. Your opinion matters, absolutely. If you see something you don’t like, at least attempt to solve it in house or as quietly/professionally as possible. Splashing it over social media is the best way to achieve…

  1. Nothing
  2. The total opposite of what you expect.                                                                                    Stand up for yourself and others if you need to, but please just think before you post. “Can this be done a better way? What am I wanting to gain out of this?”